BITUMAT B2 Ebook: The Complete Resource Guide


The BITUMAT B2 eBook is a complete resource guide designed to help you maximize the life and performance of your BITUMAT B2 bitumen roof welder.

The BITUMAT B2 ebook makes a great training tool for new hires or those new to the machine, and can help the most seasoned professionals learn new tricks that will keep the machine in peak operating condition. For example:

“With an aerosol can of silicone, spray any part of the machine that may be exposed to splattering bitumen.... This silicone will serve as a buffer between the melted bitumen and the machine’s surface, making it easier to clean.”

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Sections include:

  • Product Details — Machine features, specifications, and performance and technical data.
  • Operating Instructions — Details on how to prepare the BITUMAT B2 for operation, effectively weld bitumen seams, and properly shut down the machine.
  • Resources — How-to instructions for basic maintenance and part replacement, and troubleshooting tips to correct poor welding performance.
  • Parts List — Detailed part diagrams of the BITUMAT B2 and its ELECTRON hot-air blower, with order numbers for quick reference.
  • Accessories — A list of machine accessories available for individual purchase.
  • Related Leister Products — Other Leister automatic welding machines for the roofing industry.
  • Service and Support — IHS service and support center contact information.