The TRIAC S eBook is a complete resource guide for welding professionals designed to help you get the most out of your TRIAC S, and continually produce high-quality welds with each application. Download this guide to maximize the performance and life of your hot-air hand tool.

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We’ve compiled all the information, images and charts you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the TRIAC S, operate and maintain it, troubleshoot and resolve common issues, and quickly find parts and service support contacts.

Sections include:

  • Product Details — Machine features, specifications, welding applications and additional uses, and materials it is made to weld.
  • Operating Instructions — Details on how to attach nozzles and prepare the TRIAC S for operation, types of welds it can perform, and an overview of its controls and settings for new users.
  • Resources — Troubleshooting tips for common issues, and how-to instructions for basic maintenance.
  • Parts List — Detailed parts diagrams of the TRIAC S, with order numbers for quick reference.
  • Accessories — A list of compatible TRIAC S accessories for use in different applications, including speed, overlap, pendulum and reflector nozzles, pressure rollers and more.
  • Related Leister Products — Other Leister TRIAC products that are designed and equipped for specific applications, such as: floor, plastic and fabric welding, and roofing.
  • Service and Support — IHS service and support center contact information.

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