How to Check and Replace a TRIAC S Heating Element

The TRIAC S is Leister’s most popular hot air hand tool, known for its power, precision and reliability. However, over time, and due to heavy use, you may notice it takes longer to weld various materials, or that the unit has stopped welding altogether.

Most often, this issue can be tied back to a faulty heating element. In the following video, Professor Bob Header, certified Leister technical support representative, walks you through the process of how to check and replace a heating element in a Leister TRIAC S.

Specifically, Professor Bob will detail:

  • The warning signs of a faulty heating element, which include partial plastic welding or no welding at all.
  • How to safely remove the heating element by taking off the heating tube, mica tube and gasket.
  • What to look for in a faulty heating element, including burn marks, cracks and airflow blockages. 
  • How to replace a heating element and properly reassemble the TRIAC S.   

If replacing a faulty element does not solve the issue, it’s recommended you contact a Leister authorized service representative to have your TRIAC S serviced and reconditioned.

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Information is intended as a guide only and should be used by individuals familiar with the Leister machine's features, functionality and parts. IHS is not responsible for injury or equipment damage that may result from operator negligence.

Prior to setting up, operating or performing maintenance your Leister product, be sure to read through all safety warnings and cautions contained within the product operating manual. If you have any questions, need assistance or would like a product demo, contact the IHS service center at 800-635-0384.


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