Modified Bitumen Sheet Welding: Open-Flame v. Hot Air

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IHS president and CEO, Ken Paine, was featured as a contributing author in the August issue of Roofing Contractor Magazine.

In the article, Ken compares the process of seam welding modified bitumen with open-flame torches and hot-air equipment. He then points out (with supporting resources) how a switch to hot-air can help contractors complete projects more quickly, improve the quality of work, avoid safety hazards and boost productivity. 

According to Ken, "In roofing, profitability and growth are contingent on completing roofing projects in a timely and efficient manner, and delivering consistent, quality work. Making the switch from open-flame torches to hot-air equipment to install modified bitumen is one small step you can take today to help in these pursuits."

Reach the full article here, "Modified Bitumen Sheet Welding: Open-Flame v. Hot Air."

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