Live Leister Service and Support Through Video Chat

For Leister customers with access to Skype or Apple’s iChat or Facetime, IHS offers live service and support video chats. 

Using video chat, you can show our certified Leister technicians the problem instead of trying to describe it over the phone. Seeing what you see, our technician can troubleshoot the cause of the issue, and then walk you step-by-step through simple fixes or recommend next steps.

Save valuable time by connecting with certified Leister service technicians—and possibly fixing your tool—direct from a job site, your workshop or any other location.

Proper Technology and Connection

At this time, IHS can only set up video chats for Skype-, iChat- or Facetime-equipped devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones. Other video chat options may soon be available, so don’t hesitate to ask.

To set up a video chat, make sure your device has a strong Internet connection before contacting IHS, otherwise the video chat will not work properly. In addition, the device or tool should be portable, as we may ask to view your Leister tool from a variety of angles.

To Set Up a Video Service Chat with IHS

  1. Have the malfunctioning equipment nearby.
  2. Call our service and support center at 1-800-635-0384.
  3. Let us know that you’d like to set up a video chat and whether you’re using Skype, iChat or Facetime.
  4. Let us know your video chat username or account email, the malfunctioning tool with which you need help and a phone number in case the video connection fails.
  5. Wait for us to contact you via the video chat (shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes).