Welding of modified bitumen sheeting (SBS, APP) with Leister’s flameless BITUMAT B2 is faster and safer than with an open flame. Only one user is needed to properly operate the BITUMAT B2 (for open-flame machines two users are needed — one for heating and one for pressing on), enabling your team to complete the job more efficiently. Welding results will also be stronger and more consistent with hot air.

  • Flame-free welding of modified bitumen
  • Consistent welding results
  • Easy control of hot air volume
  • High working speed of up to 39.4 ft/min

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BITUMAT B2 Complete Resource Guide

The BITUMAT B2 eBook is a complete resource guide for roofing professionals, designed to help you get the most out your BITUMAT B2, improve its performance and keep it running longer, maximizing your investment. Click here to download this eBook for free. 

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Specification Table

Voltage (~V) 400 230
Power Consumption (W) 6700
Temperature (°F) 68 - 1,202
Speed (ft./min.) 2.62 - 39.4
Noise Emission Level (LpA) 73
Welding Nozzle Width (mm) 75 - 100
Size (L x W x H) (in.) 27.2 x 19.3 x 13
Weight (lbs.) 88.2 (with cord)
Approval Mark
Protection Class I