Elstein Ceramic Infrared Radiator

Durable and easy to use, Elstein Ceramic Infrared Radiant Heaters stand up to the rugged demands of farrowing barns, delivering consistent zoned heat without the visible light emitted by fragile tungsten lamps. This dependable and efficient heater creates a more natural night/day environment that facilitates restful sleep, improved growth, and lower mortality rates. Used in human infant incubators, Elstein heaters emit a more penetrating and consistent dry heat that keeps piglets warmer – allowing them to use energy for growth instead of warmth.

Made of a durable ceramic that’s less breakable than glass, Elstein heaters last four times longer than standard tungsten lamps. Elstein’s round IOT heater is a direct replacement for light-emitting heat lamps currently used in farrowing operations. With the resistance wire coil protected within the moisture resistant ceramic, heat is evenly generated across the entire surface of the heater. This provides a more uniform heat without hot spots, and absorbs into the bodies of the piglets for a gentle, thorough heat. Unlike light-emitting heaters which require constant height adjustments to compensate for heat loss, Elstein heaters do not diminish in heating capacity as they age.

Nexthermal Advantage

  • Consistent, reliable heat without adjusting the height for optimum temperature.
  • Round IOT Ceramic Infrared Heater is a direct replacement for current heat lamps in aluminum or plastic reflectors with porcelain sockets.
  • Durableceramic heater is moisture resistant when hot, less likely to break than glass lamps, and lasts 4X longer than standard glass heat lamps.

Technical Data

  • Elstein Round IOT is available in 150wattand 250watt, 120 volts.


Elstein Ceramic Infrared Radiators can be used for the following: 

  • Elstein Ceramic Infrared Radiant Heaters are ideal for farrowing barns, providing a consistent and even heat that keeps piglets comfortably warm without the hotspots created by standard light heater bulbs.
  • “After using the Elstein Heaters, we found that piglets laid out nicely, gained weight quicker, and we lost less babies in comparison to standard white light heaters.” — Dawne, H&H Farrowing Manager, Vicksburg, Michigan.
  • "We’ve recently tried Nexthermal’s IOT and HTS Ceramic Infrared Heaters and have been impressed with their performance. The IOT’s were easy to install in place of our conventional heat lamps and performed to standards. They provide a much more consistent heat, without the hot spots and variability we see with conventional heat bulbs. Also, their ceramic design makes them sturdier and less likely to break. We are excited about the potential longevity and dependability of this product.” — Kevin C. Turner, M.S., B.S., Farm Manager, Michigan State University, Swine Teaching & Research Farm
  • No visible light means restful sleep, improved growth and better birth recovery.
  • Penetrating dry heat keeps piglets warmer to let them stretch out instead of piling up on each other, or moving too close to the sow where they can easily be crushed.