HCS DuaLogR Thermocouple Thermometer and Logger

DuaLogR® Thermocouple Thermometer and Logger features real-time data logging and infrared data output capabilities. Meter accepts up to two thermocouple inputs. Choose from J, K, T, E, R, S, N or B thermocouples.

Display temperatures in °F, °C, °R or °K scales. Resolution and input filtering are selectable to improve readability during rapidly changing temperatures.

Display minimum, maximum and differential readings simultaneously using one or two probes on selectable, easy-to-read, multi-data LCD.

Manually store or automatically log up to 1000 sets of readings in real time. Log interval is selectable from 1 second to 60 minutes. Order the optional infrared printer below or the RS-232 interface adapter to download readings directly to your computer.

Two-point field calibration feature for offset and slope. Allows user to calibrate the probe to one or two known temperatures. Meter automatically stores and adjusts for inherent probe error enabling unparalleled system accuracy. Calibration lock out feature protects NIST traceable factory settings and prevents tampering with field calibration values.

  • UL & cUL rated Intrinsically safe-Certified for Class I, Division 1; Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous (classified) locations
  • Sealed silicone rubber keypad
  • Rated IP 54 for splash & dust resistance
  • ABS/polycarbonate impact resistant case
  • Fold out stand for bench top operation
  • Meets CE requirements for electromagnetic compatibility
  • 3 year warranty
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.


  • T1/T2 differential
  • 2-point Field Calibration
  • Field Calibration lock-out
  • HOLD
  • Selectable resolution 
  • Optional AC adapter
  • Multi-data LCD
  • 12-button keypad allows  for simplified set up.

Includes two AA batteries. Order optional AC adapter to conserve battery life during extended logging and printing operations.


Model No.: 600-1050
Type J:  -328 to 1832°F (-200 to 1000°C)
Type K:  -418 to 2501°F (-250 to 1372°C)
Type T:  -418 to 752°F (-250 to 400°C)
Type E:  -418 to 1832°F (-250 to 1000°C)
Type R:  32 to 3214°F (0 to 1768°C)
Type S:  32 to 3214°F (0 to 1768°C)
Type N:  -418 to 2372°F (-250 to 1300°C)
Type B:  392 to 3272°F (200 to 1800°C)



Less than or equal to 999.9°:  0.1°
Greater than 999.9°: 



Type J, K, T, E and N: 

± 0.7°F (±0.4°C) above-238°F (-150°C)

 ± 2°F (±1°C) below -238°F (-150°C) ± 0.1% of reading

 Type R, S and B:   ± 2°F (± 1°C) and ± 0.1% of reading



Three 4-digit displays:  0.4"H and 0.2"H


Ordering Information

600-1050:  DuaLogR Thermometer
600-0070:  Adapter 115 VAC
600-0075:  Adapter 230 VAC



Infrared Printer: The infrared printer is ideal for on-site documentation. Transfer data by infrared output, no cables to hook up - just line up data transmission LED located on the top of the thermometer and position printer within 18" (45cm) of the thermometer. Print readings in real time from every three seconds to every 60 minutes or automatically print previously stored data.

  • 600-0080: Infrared printer. Includes one roll of paper.
  • 600-0082: Printer adapter. 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 6-FT (1.8-M) cord.
  • 37455-71: Replacement paper, 2.25-in. x 80-ft. (WxL), pack of 6 rolls.

RS-232 Interface Adapter: Connects to your computer 9-pin serial port or easy downloading of data. Use with most popular RS-232 programs-Windows® Terminal or Windows 95 HYPERTERMINAL®. (Software not included)

  • 600-0090: RS-232 Interface Adapter