The Leister HOTWIND Premium—along with the HOTWIND System—is a successor to the hugely popular HOTWIND S. This industrial process hot-air blower has integrated control dials to set heat and air volume, and is used mainly as a hand tool or table-top unit.

The HOTWIND Premium can reach air volumes up to 31.8 cfm and temperatures has high as 1,472°F. With this type of power and versatility it is ideally suited for a variety of applications, including: 

  • Dry moist surfaces.
  • Evaporate excess water contained within a product or material.
  • Heat conveyor ovens and tunnels.
  • Defrost frozen water pipes.
  • Accelerate mixing processes.
  • Sterilize packaging materials, such as bottles, corks and containers.
  • Deflash the edges of molded plastics.
  • Shine plastic surfaces.
  • Activate and loosen solvent-free and melt adhesives.
  • Dissolve foams that arise during mixing and while filling containers.
  • Separate and fuse synthetic threads and fabrics.
  • Shrink heat-wrap sleeves, films, tapes, solder connectors and molded parts.
  • Solder surface mount devices (SMD) and through-hole components, copper pipes, joints and metal foils.
  • Weld thermoplastic materials.
  • Ignite wood shavings, paper, coal or straw in furnaces. 

HOTWIND Premium features include:

  • Potentiometer dials for manually adjustable heat output and air volume.
  • Integrated power electronics.
  • Protection against heating element and device overheating.
  • Brushless blower motor.

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Specifications Table

Voltage (~V) 100 230 230 230 230 230 400
Power Consumption (W) 2300 2300 2300 3100 3700 3700 5400
Max. Air Outlet Temperature (°F) 1202 1202 1202 1472 1202 1202 1202
Max. Air Flow (68°F) 7.1 - 31.8 cfm
Static Pressure (Pa) 500
Noise Emission LpA (dB) < 70
Weight w/o Cables 5.7 lbs.
Mark of Conformity
Certification Scheme CCA
Protection Class II