LHS 91

As the most powerful Leister industrial heater, the LHS 91 is designed for the most demanding heating applications—so powerful it can replace many gas-fired heaters.

The LHS 91 is capable of reaching temperatures as high as 1202 °F, and effectively heats airflows up to 320 cfm.

This industrial heater is available in two versions to satisfy your control needs:

  • Basic—One-level heating power, which can be controlled only through an external air source.
  • System—Heating power can be controlled via a remote control interface for integration into open- or closed-loop systems, and includes potentiometer dials for manual control, and an alarm output for heating-element and device overheat protection.

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Model: Basic
Model: System


Specification Table

LHS 91
  Basic System
Max Air Outlet Temperature (°F) 1202
Max Air Inlet Temperature (°F) 122
Max Ambient Temperature (°F) 144
Weight (lbs.) 29.1 29.8
Mark of Conformity
Approval Mark
Certification Scheme CCA
Protection Class I


LHS 91
Voltage (V) 3 x 230 3 x 400 3 x 480
Power Consumption (kW) 28 11 & 32 32