The Leister MISTRAL System, complete with an interface cable, enables users to connect the blower to an external temperature controller. Now, heating performance can be managed remotely and precisely, using industry standard control signals from 4-20 mA or 0-10 V. 

The MISTRAL System is designed for use in both open or closed configurations.

  • Open System: An external potentiometer or control system can be used to remotely adjust temperature as needed throughout operation. 
  • Closed System: Users simply set, monitor and automatically adjust blower temperature through a thermocouple, allowing for precise temperature control throughout operation.  

As a compact, integrated blower and heater, the MISTRAL System is ideal for hot-air applications including: sterilizing, smoothing and polishing, activating, pasteurizing, accelerating, baking, drying and more. 

  • Maintenance free, brushless motor for continuous operation
  • Compact size
  • Open and closed system configuration
  • Flexible controls: 4-20 mA or 1-10 V
  • Maximum temperature: 1200°F
  • Large choice of accessories, including a variety of reflectors and nozzles

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Specification Table

 Voltage (V~) 120 230
Power Consumption (W) 2700 3400
Max Air Outlet Temperature (°F) 842 1202
Max Air Flow (68°F) (cfm) 12.4
Static Pressure (psi) 0.36
Noise Emission Level (dB) 65
Weight with 9.8 ft. cable 3.3 lbs.
Mark of Conformity
Approval Mark
Certification Scheme CCA
Protection Class II