Nexthermal Energy Efficient Cartridge Heaters

Nexthermal energy efficient cartridge heaters are constructed with a special high thermal transfer sheath material that creates a fast responding, longer lasting, more energy efficient heater. At the same rated wattage, Nexthermal is a leading supplier of cartridge heaters that have measured up to 25% improved energy efficiency over traditional build cartridge heaters.

Our eheat cartridge heaters are the fast responding, energy efficient and direct replacements for your existing cartridge heaters. Extend the capabilities of your existing system with eheat cartridge heaters manufactured by Nexthermal, or develop around its strengths to bring smart heat management capabilities to your market.

  • The high thermal transfer sheath results in a cartridge heater that can perform the same work with fewer watts - saving energy and reducing total system amperage.
  • For higher watt density applications such as a hot glue system, the eheat delivers heat to the application faster, resulting in more heat delivered with a lower heater core temperature. This extends cartridge heater life.
  • Nexthermal eheat cartridge heaters reach set point faster, and can reduce cycle times of demanding applications.