Nexthermal Maxi Coil Heater

The Maxi Coil heater is designed to provide maximum service life to difficult applications. Maxi Coil’s 4.6 x 8.6 heater is robust enough to improve heater life in applications such as zinc diecasting. The maxi coil can be incorporated into sealed inside ID/OD assemblies or tightened to a nozzle with a clamping strap.  

Maxi Coil heaters also offer a durable alternative to mica band heaters with greater opportunity to improve nozzle profile.

Nexthermal Advantage

  • Robust 4.6 x 8.6 profile
  • Thermocouple option
  • 480V option

Technical Data

  • Heater Sheath: SS321
  • High Voltage Stability: 1250VAC
  • Insulation Resistance: >= 5M ohm at 500 VDC (Cold)
  • Leakage Current: <= 0.5 mA at 250VAC (Cold)
  • Wattage Tolerance: +/-10%, +/-5% option
  • Maximum Voltage: 480V