Tutco-Farnam Heat Torch 030

The Tutco Heat Torch™ 030 is ideal for concentrating hot air (and other non-combustible gas) streams into small areas with negligible heat losses.

This 0.313 in. diameter air heater is our smallest standard Heat Torch™ delivering greater precision with a focused compressed air stream. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. (Horizontal mounting is preferred at high temperatures.)

Heat Torch™ 030 operates best with air flow in the range of 0.3 SCFM to 1.0 SCFM and power options up to 300 watts (in either 120V or 240V supply). Maximum recommended exhaust temperature is 1300°F (704°C).

Product Characteristics

Max Watt 300 W
Max Inlet 250 °F
Max Exhaust 932 °F
Min SCFM 0.3
Max SCFM 1
PSIG 120
Mounting Horizontal / Vertical
Leads 20 Gauge, 12 in. long
Heater Body Stainless Steel
Air Entryway Fitting Stainless Steel


Applications for the Heat Torch™ 030 include:

  • Melting
  • Cutting
  • Adhesive Activation
  • De-soldering
  • Heat Staking
  • Sterilization