Vinyl Flooring Tool Kit

The Vinyl Flooring Tool Kit is a convenient, curated selection of high-quality, commonly used heat-welding tools for flooring installers. Tool selection was based on years of flooring experience and customer discussions. 

Available for Leister’s TRIAC S and TRIAC BT for flooring, this tool kit comes with 11 high quality hand tools from the flooring industry’s leading manufacturers.  

Compared to competitor vinyl flooring tool kits, you will find: 

  • More tool options
  • Higher quality equipment
  • Greater value for your investment

Contents include:

  1. Durable plastic carrying case 
  2. Salvage edge trimmer 
  3. 1 tube of airway hook blades 
  4. 1 tube of straight blades 
  5. Airway knife
  6. Mozart skiving knife 
  7. Trimming guide 
  8. Quarter-moon angled knife with leather safety pouch
  9. Exacto knife with 16 mm blade 
  10. Adjustable hand groover with 3 blades 
  11. P-type groover 

For more information about the Flooring Toolkit, the TRIAC S or TRIAC BT for flooring, call IHS today at 800-635-0384 or complete our contact form