Testimonial: CETCO

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Industrial Heat Source
4705 Brookpark Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44134
ATT: Service Department

Subject:  Repair and Return

On September 1, 2009, we returned to Industrial Heat Sources the captioned welding equipment after it experienced an explosive short while welding samples fo one of our products in our dock area. You received it on the 2nd and immediately contacted us to let us know that you would check with the manufacturer to see what they could do for us. At that point it was two months out of warranty but you stated that because of the nature of the problem and the low amount of hours the machine had actually run that you would help us out even if the manufacturer did not. Earlier the following week, we received back the equipment in good working order with a complete replacement of the heat welding portion that had malfunctioned. 

We just wanted to take a little time to properly thank Industrial Heat Sources for the fair, prompt and courteous service. We appreciate not only the consideration and replacement, but also the manner in which our claim was handled. You contacted us quickly to let us know that  the equipment had been received and that you were considering our request. That alone is a pleasant acceptation to typically customer service, but on top of that the decision and solution came so fast, that it was a complete surprise when the repaired piece arrived back at our office. This quick turnaround allowed us to carry out business with virtually no interruption. We have referred man customers your way since purchasing the two pieces of equipment from you and we will certainly continue to do so. However, it will be with renewed confidence that twe are referring our customers to a reputable firm that understands that the sale is not the end of the ransaction or the business relationship. Thank you again. 

Yours Truly, 

Robert Cisneros
Technical Services Manager